O'Malley's SunRye’s Ale is the perfect beer drinker’s summer brew. Not a watered down seasonal substitute, SunRye’s offers a complex combination of the golden malts and gives the smoothest finish yet. It’s about time summer had a real beer.


O'Malley's Cream Ale -golden in color- is a smooth, sweet and creamy brew with a light floral hop nose, malty middle and smooth finish. Don't miss the brew that started it all.


We're thrilled to annouce that Drop Kick Ale was the gold medal winner at the 2010 Lallemand "Brain of Brewers" competition in Denver Colorado in the Amber Ale catagory. This concoction bears the best of an American brown ale and an Enlgish stye bitter to tickle your taste buds pint after pint.


Weston Ruddy Wheat arrived in 2010 and brings the best of a hearty wheat and and rich amber ale together. This red wheat is sure to please a wide range of craft palettes. Brewed with honey malt and oats this is not an average wheat!


Rip Van Winkle Beer was originally brewed in the early 1900's and dubbed "The Richest Bottle of Beer in the World." The new Rip is a malty bock beer as a turn of the century German would have brewed. Amazingly smooth for an 8% beer.


Brew Lab's No. 4 is a malty amber lager that is innocent enough. We then add fresh-cut mangoes and habaneros to the recently fermented beer. The flavors help create a beer that will remind you of the cuisine of the West Indies.


O'Malley's Stout has been in the works for almost two years. It was originally called Prototype Stout as we worked on the recipe. With the help of our patrons and friends we have developed this dry Irish Stout. Specifically brewed for fun nights in the Irish Pub.


Li'l Lucy's Hot Pepper Ale started out as an experiment. Weston Brew Labs #2. It became the most popular 22oz beer we produced so it graduated to 12oz. Li'l Lucy is a light, golden ale steeped with fresh serrano and jalapeno peppers. Great for those with a love for the heat. It is also great for cooking.


O'Malley's IPA is another beer that started out as a Brew Labs 22oz. This IPA is built for wider appeal than some of its cousins. With 7.5% abv and 89 IBU it still has all that you expect from an IPA, but with a smoother finish than one might expect.